Experience: AMC Biotech's Strength. Team work, experience.


We put our experience of over 30 years at the service of life science companies, after building our know-how in several industry and company types.

International: AMC Biotech's Strength. Global, international, intercultural.


We feel at home in many environments and cultures and have successfully worked with many nationalities. If you have international ambitions, you should talk to us!

Network: AMC Biotech's Strength. Heidelberg, Germany, Europe


Our network reflects the breadth of our experience: if we cannot help you directly, there is a good chance that we know somebody who can.

Do you want to take your business to the next step on the international scene? Find the right partners, get support on approaching investors or potential markets? AMC Biotech is there to help you tackle these challenges.

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Ariane Mansouri, founder of AMC BiotechAriane Mansouri, founder of AMC Biotech, has been coordinating international projects since the mid-80s, in particular in Europe and in America. From product development to the assessment and negotiation of partnerships, she has contributed as a manager to the growth of several European and US groups, from Procter & Gamble to IMTIX – now part of Sanofi. A French national, usually working in English, but also fluent in German and Spanish, she has lived most of her life outside France, in 7 different countries on 3 continents. She is a graduate of Mines ParisTech, MIT, and SciencesPo. Learn more…

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