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About AMC Biotech Founder Ariane Mansouri

Each company faces unique challenges when growing internationally and there are no ready-made recipes. You always have some strengths you can build on and your company culture will make you feel comfortable with some strategies that would fail at some of your competitors.

Ariane Mansouri, founder of AMC BiotechAriane Mansouri has been an independent consultant for more than 15 years in the life science field, tackling a wide variety of business development challenges for clients coming from Europe, Asia and America. Her client companies have ranged from a single-person start-up to large multinational groups, and she has the flexibility to tailor her services to every situation.

She has been coordinating international projects since the mid-80s. From product development to the assessment and negotiation of partnerships, she has contributed as a manager to the growth of several European and US groups, from Procter & Gamble to IMTIX – now part of Sanofi. Her first consulting experience was with Bain & Co. in London.

Ariane Mansouri is a graduate of Mines ParisTech and of Massachusetts Institute of Technology, with degrees in biotechnology and biochemical engineering, and from Sciences-Po (certification as board member).

A French national, usually working in English, but also fluent in German and Spanish, Ariane Mansouri has lived most of her life abroad, in 7 different countries on 3 continents. She can adapt to your environment and will take full advantage of a flexible structure to follow your procedures and focus on your objectives. Her priority: understand your needs and give you the right tools to develop your business.

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